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Dental Implants are the best and most permanent way to replace missing teeth. Having a missing tooth without filling the space can result in the following problems both cosmetic and functional:

  • The appearance of a “sunken face” is often associated with missing teeth.
  • Problems with the jaw joint can occur from teeth shifting in order to fill the space.
  • Tearing and Chewing food can be extremely difficult with large spaces between teeth.
  • Dentures are far less permanent and higher maintenance.

Dental Implants are a synthetic tooth with “roots” attached directly to the jaw bone. An artificial tooth is then attached to the implant, resulting in a completely unnoticeable replacement for the missing tooth. Implants are not only a solution to one missing tooth, but if a patient has several missing teeth, a series of implants are installed for which to attach what we call a fixed bridge— a row of multiple artificial teeth. For patients with no remaining teeth, dental implants can be used to secure a full set of dentures. This aids in the chewing and digesting process as it greatly decreases the chances of choking.

The process can be quite long but permanent results outweigh the 3-4 months it usually takes for the implant to heal before artificial teeth can be installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental implant procedures are designed to minimize discomfort through various numbing agents. While most patients report minor discomfort during the first 48-72 hours, there will be prescriptions available to ease the post operative symptoms.

A dental implant is a more permanent solution to replacing missing teeth. There must be enough bone available to secure a dental implant, and the procedure is much more invasive than that of denture fitment. A denture on the other hand is molded to sit on and around your current gum line as a removable substitute to their more permanent dental implant counterpart.

As suggested by the ADA, a set of complete upper dentures is slightly above $1,600, making it a much more affordable option as oposed to dental implants. Unfortunately much more care and cleaning is required with a set of dentures, and replacements are more frequently needed.

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